TONGATAPU Constituency 6 new MP Hon. Dulcie Tei has started her parliamentary visit following her election into office last November.

On Wednesday night, she conducted her first community meeting with the villagers of Puke. Last night, she paid a visit to the people of Ha’akame.

The MP is expected to visit all the villages in her constituency and to inspect community projects funded by the Constituency Fund from the Legislative Assembly.

Public meetings will also be held for Ha’alalo, Lakepa, Lomaiviti, ‘Utulau, Houma, Fatai, Kahoua and Matangiake next week.

There are also community meetings scheduled for Sia’atoutai and Makapaeo before the MP wraps up her parliamentary visit at Hofoa on Wednesday, March 9.

MPs parliamentary visit is an opportunity for the electorates to raise issues of concerns and matters of utmost importance which directly impacts their daily lives.

Meanwhile, other MPs who are yet to conduct parliamentary visit from last year will soon follow suit before a report is submitted for discussion in Parliament.


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