A joint media training initiative between the Tongan and the Australian Parliament wrapped up yesterday at the Legislative Assembly’s Office.

Media and Communication Manager, Andrew Dawson and Assistant Director of the Department of Parliamentary Services Michael Ferguson coordinate the four day training.

“The main purpose of the training is to provide assistance and look at developing media strategies to promote the works of Parliament,” said Dawson.

In collaboration with Aus Aid, Dawson said the training is part of the Australian Parliament’s support of Tonga’s move into a more democratic government.

He added it’s fantastic to know there’s strong interest on Tonga’s Parliament from the public.

“There are improved broadcast programs to let people know what Parliament does and it’s important to get the public’s view on various issues

The House education role is quite active,” explained Dawson.

However he asserts there’s hope the knowledge and skills acquired by the participants would help to improve their work with different approaches.

One session was also made available for media training of some MP’s.

About 10 participants took part in the training.

It was jointly funded by Tonga and Australian Parliament.


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