HIS Majesty King Tupou VI today reminded parliamentarians to keep the interest of the nation in mind in all of their discussions.

King Tupou VI made the comment during his address from the throne to officially open the 2012-2013 parliamentary session this morning.

“As Tonga approaches the end of its financial year... Members of Parliament should always think during their debate and discussion in the House for the best interest of the nation,” noted his Majesty.

King Tupou IV said the public have faith and trust in the MPS and they should bear in mind when they deliberate in the House, it is for the benefit of Tonga.

His Majesty also called on the three pillars of government that is Cabinet, Parliament and the Judiciary to collaborate with the people to address many global challenges introduced to our kingdom.

“…Their work should be transparent. They should work together closely with the people for the national interest,” his Majesty reminded MPs today.

On communication and technological matter, Tupou VI acknowledges that Tonga is soon to have faster and easier access to the internet thanks to the fiber optic cable project soon to be implemented next year.

However he also alerted the nation that although this would provide faster internet connection but it has consequences as well.
“…and therefore we should be prepared for those challenges. We should also be prepared for any natural disaster, a common problem we face along with our neighboring islands in the Pacific,” explained his Majesty.

The House was also informed that government is implementing overseas funded projects to help the two Niuas in the aftermath of disaster in 2009.

On health matters his Majesty challenges the nation to work together to address the rising rate of the non communicable diseases.

In loving memory of our passing king, His Majesty also acknowledged the nationwide effort put forward by the nation during the state funeral of our late King George V.

He also thanked different foreign leaders, other diplomatic representatives, friends and ordinary citizens who made it to Nuku’alofa to pay their respect for the late king.

On financial matter, King Tupou VI says Tonga is to face many challenges this year including the global financial problem that will affect the kingdom’s financial situation.

However he also outlined government’s various projects that is now implementing to boost our economy.

“…It includes improving the private sector activities, infrastructural development, road maintenance, sea transportation and civil air services,”

According to his Majesty, other sectors in our economy that is among government’s priorities to work on are education, health and tourism.

King Tupou VI also acknowledged the continuous support to Tonga from our development partners including the governments of Japan, People’s Republic of China, New Zealand, Australia, European Union, World Bank, the United Nations and its different agencies.

With Tonga just commemorating the 150 years of Emancipation on Monday June 4th 2012, King Tupou VI also called on MPs not to stop there but to strive for innovative and research to counter the global challenges and natural disasters likely to reach our shores,” reminded His Majesty.

King George Tupou VI ended his speech wishing the MPs a peaceful and fruitful debate in the House.


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